Minimalistic Living

The top 4 resolutions for the New Year are:

Lose Weight
Quit Cigarette smoking
Get Finances in Order
Get Organized.
Let’s presume we’re all in shape non-smokers, and considering that we’re all checking out The College Financier, clearly we have our financial resources in order (or we’re on the ideal track!).

Then, let’s get arranged. I’ve just recently gotten on the minimalist bandwagon. It’s a fantastic method to validate owning less. It sounds much better to state, “I’m transitioning into a minimalist way of life,” than, “I’m sort of inexpensive, primarily prudent, but really often inexpensive.”

Starting with minimalism can be difficult, if you think that everything in your home is there because it’s something that you love.

I would bet, though, that’s not the case.

I think it’s actually a fantastic thing to begin transitioning into a minimalist way of life. Minimalism is very, really simple. And it can be as extreme or as tame as you want.

Look around your residence. Do you have more things than you need? I would think that you do. However our relationship with our stuff is an odd thing.

One Morbid Technique to Shift to Minimalism
Simply pretend that you’re dead, which you are your friend, going through your home, seeing exactly what should be kept, and exactly what must be tossed.

I go through my apartment or condo typically, thinking, “all right, Kathleen is dead. We need to get all this stuff from this apartment or condo as soon as possible. Let’s start with the cooking area.”

I do not understand about you, but my kitchen is where nearly all of the things that I enjoy lives. I have really great things!

All right, let’s move into the bathroom. I have actually currently eliminated all the expired medicine, so you can have all the over the counter things that you may require. Why do not you provide the Sudafed to the Oregon locals? It’s more difficult to get that here. Thanks.

I know, there are a profane number of towels, but since I’m dead, I don’t have to discuss. If you require the towels to wrap any of the breakable kichen things, then you might understand.

Restroom done, let’s go to the dining-room. The table is incredible, so please pass it on. And as for the floors, there’s just one great carpet in this location, and you can inform which one it is, so keep it or pass it along, however don’t give it away. The others are garbage, and if you don’t require them, take them back to where they originated from: Goodwill.

You like that TELEVISION? Great, take it. Sofa? Loveseat? Fine. Now, onto the bedroom. The bed was purchased in 2009, so it needs to be great for another a number of years, and it’s incredible for dreaming. The clothing can all be used, or not, depending on your size. I attempt to keep the stock little so in either case, it won’t be much of a problem. The furniture in the bedroom is fine, but you do not have to keep it.

Try this, seriously, the next time you go through your home systematically. Eliminate yourself from your reality. Pretend you are dead. Or, take a look at Leo Babauta’s ideas On Minimalism.

Oh, and do not forget the precious jewelry drawer. That may contain all my prized possessions.

How do you begin with minimalism? Is it too morbid to think about your death?


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